About company

PeptidPro company is engaged in research and production of fundamentally new medical and parapharmaceutical products of a new class of drugs – peptide bioregulators

History of the company

The founding of PeptidPro was the natural and expected response of the Russian scientific and business community to the challenges of our times in recent years for our healthcare. Among them, the most significant situation is not the simplest situation with imported drugs and the widely discussed process of general aging of the population in the world, causing associated with it chronicity of most diseases and the shift of their profile towards non-infectious pathology.

As a result of this, the steadily growing need of our patients for affordable domestically produced drugs with scientifically proven favorable efficacy profiles, and, which is especially important with regard to this contingent, safety. Which, in turn, inevitably leads to the need to create its own full-cycle research and production base.

All of the above was the basis on which our company was founded. One of our main tasks is the search and selection of promising molecules and substances, which, after checking by modern evidence-based methods of preclinical and clinical studies, can be included in the existing list of medicines.

Company management

The management of our company, PeptidPro, is dedicated professionals. Due to the fact that they all come from different areas of science and practice, their common horizons and interests are not limited to just one pharmaceutical market, and the accumulated experience in other spheres of human activity allows us to consider any hypotheses and proposals from the 360 ° position.

Company's mission
PeptidPro sees its mission in searching for, researching and bringing to the pharmaceutical market of our country new highly effective, safe and patient-friendly products based solely on domestic developments, evidence and fully Russian-made. Carefully examining new molecules and technologies from all sides, we are highly critical in choosing those potential components that later, after carrying out all the necessary research and approval procedures, can bring the maximum benefit to our patients.