New generation medicine

PEPTIDPRO company is engaged in research and production of fundamentally new medical and parapharmaceutical products of a new class of drugs – peptide bioregulators.

Clinical study phase IIa of experimental vaccine UB-311 against Alzheimer’s disease
United Neuroscience (United Neuroscience) has announced positive results from a clinical trial of phase IIa of the experimental vaccine UB-311 against Alzheimer's disease. According to the company, a synthetic PEPTIDA vaccine that targets beta-amyloid, in patients who were given it for a long time using two different schemes, reached the primary en [...]
Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2018
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2018 was awarded to Francis Arnold, George Smith and Gregory Uinter for his work on the directed evolution of chemical molecules, reported at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. [...]

Peptide drugs

Peptides are universal bioregulators that control most of the biochemical processes in the body. The advantage of peptides over other types of medications is that they are safe, are rapidly eliminated from the body without accumulating, and have significantly fewer side effects than non-peptide drugs.

Clinical research according to Western standards of evidence-based medicine is not only a test for quality, but also a company for financial sustainability. Only those who are sure that their drug has a huge commercial potential, and not only sure, but also can convince investors of this, can afford it.